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FCI Management Trainee (MT) Exam Preparation Guide: Books for reference & study materials

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Selection of Management Trainees in FCI is based on written examination conducted by Food Corporation of India. Only qualified candidates from the written test will be called for interview and other process. So to get qualified in the written exam, you need to have best reference books for FCI MT exam. This FCI MT job exam guide book article, will give you insights on availability of online books for FCI MT exam, study materials you need as well as reference books which you can refer for the exam and so on. Let's see in detail.

FCI Management Trainee exam syllabus and pattern

First let us see the exam syllabus and pattern which helps in selecting good reference books for FCI MT exam.

The written exam for FCI MT comprises two papers, which is of objective type multiple choice questions of 120 questions each. Time duration given to complete is 90 minutes each.

FCI MT Exam Paper I Syllabus - (General/ Depot/ Movement)
Paper I is of General Aptitude Paper - 120 mcq consists of Reasoning, Data Analysis, Computer Awareness, General Awareness, Management and Current Affairs

FCI MT Exam Paper II Syllabus - (Specialization Paper)
For MT (Accounts) - General Accounting and Finance
For MT (Technical) - Agriculture, Food Science and Technology, Agri Engineering and Bio-Technology
For MT (Engineering- Civil / Mechanical / Electrical) - Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering.


FCI MT Exam Paper I: Recommended Books and Study Materials

Here are some FCI MT exam books available which are available online at all leading online book stores.

Book Title: Food Corporation of India Management Trainee Recruitment Exam (Paper I)
Author: Dr. Lal & Jain
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Price: Rs.180

Book Title: FCI Management Trainee Paper I
Author: R Gupta
Publisher: Ramesh Publications
Price: Rs.285

Book Title: FCI Management Traineee Paper I (Hindi)
Author: R. Gupta
Publisher: Ramesh Publications
Price: Rs.285

FCI MT exam books for Paper II (Accounts) General Accounting and Finance reference and study materials

As such there is no prescribed books for FCI MT for Paper II. So based on the exam syllabus, we have picked some of the good books, which you can refer for FCI MT for Paper II (Accounts, Technical and Engineering) which are from well known authors.

Reference books for FCI MT (Accounts and Finance) exam paper

Book Title: Accounting & Finance for Bankers - Objective Type Questions (Guide to JAIIB)
Author: N.S. Toor & Arundeep Singh
Price: Rs.175

Book Title: Financial Management Objective Type Questions and Answers (Guide to CAIIB)
Author: N.S. Toor & Arundeep Singh
Price: Rs.125

FCI MT exam books for Paper II (Engineering) reference and study materials

Reference guide books for FCI MT Engineering (Mechanical) exam paper

Book Title: Mechanical Engineering Objective Type Questions
Author: Om Prakash Gupta
Price: Rs.425

Reference guide books for FCI MT Engineering (Civil) exam paper

Book Title: Objective Type Questions and Answers in Civil Engineering for Competitions & Interviews
Author: Dr. S.K. Duggal
Price: Rs.275

Book Title: Civil Engineering (Through Objective Type Questions)
Author: S.P. Gupta & S.S. Gupta
Price: Rs.335

Book Title: Question Bank in Civil Engineering (With More than 15000 objective Type Questions and Answers)
Author: V.S. Murthy & R. Sood
Price: Rs.395

Reference guide books for FCI MT Engineering (Electrical) exam paper

Book Title: Question Bank in Electrical Engineering (With more than 12000 objective Type Questions & Answers)
Author: J.B. Gupta

FCI MT exam books for Paper II (Technical) reference and study materials

Reference book for FCI MT Food Science and Technology Paper

Book Title: Objective Food Science and Technology by Deepak Mudgil, Sheweta Barak Mudgil.

This book covers multiple choice questions on Food chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Engineering, Fruits & Vegetables Technology, Dairy Technology, Cereal Technology, Meat Fish & Poultry Technology, Bio-process Technology, Foods and Nutrition, Food Additives, Food Packaging, Miscellaneous questions and Sample papers.

Book Title: Food science, Chemistry & Experimental Foods by M Swaminathan.

Reference books for MT exam Technical Paper Agriculture and Bio-Technology

Book Title: Indira's Objective Agricultural Biotechnology, MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations by R.L. Arya, Sonam Arya, Alok Das, Vaishali
Price: Rs.423

This book covers topics on Cell biology, Genetics and Cytogenetics, Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, Plant Bio-Chemistry, Agricultural Microbiology, Ecology and Ecological Principles, Diversity of Life, Environmental Biotechnology, Natural and Forest Conservation Biotechnology, Genomics and recombinant DNA technology, Transgenics, Molecular markers, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics, Seed Biotechnology, Plant Protection Bio-Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Food and beverage biotechnology, Intellectural Property Right, Patenting and Biosafety Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Model Test Papers.

Reference books FCI MT for Agricultural Engineering

Surveying and leveling by Kanetkar, Kulkarni
Principles of Agricultural Engineering by Ojha, T.P. and A.M. Michael

If you come across any good study materials for FCI Management Trainee exam, then do share with us, by providing the book name, author and price details on the comment box provided below, which helps everyone who is preparing for FCI MT exam.



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